Leung Kee Kaito Tung Lung Tour
M.V. WING YIP 3 (A4003) has been serving the route for two decades. Fat Tong Mun Lighthouse The Technical Wall Tung Lung Fort(1719) - one of two historical monuments on the island Ancient Rock Carving
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TUNG Lung Lisland is located at the East of Hong Kong Island and South to Sai Kung Peninsular. A single ferry journey from Sai Wan Ho only takes about 40 minutes.

Most attractions on the island locate on the east coast. Leung Kee Kaito is the only ferry mooring at both piers, it is more convenient to get to the campsite and climbing walls offboarding at the new pier (Fat Tong Mun).

Though the path from campsite to the Peak is lack of clear direction and full of bushes, it is wiser to go uphill from here, rather than reverse. Under the cliffs on your left are some famous rocks, namely the Concealed Dragon Spitting Pearl, the Spring Rock and the Navel Cave. You may also enjoy magnificent seaview of the Ninepins Islands on the East.

Returning from the south of Nam Tong Peak is concrete path along the West side. Go northerly (turning right at the junction) when you reach Luk Keng Wan, you may also visit Tathong Point if time is enough. On your left is the great seaview of Lyemun and Victoria Harbour heading north and then return to the pier.  

Clockwise: Fat Tong Mun Pier (New)→ Beach → Lighthouse (pass through Holiday Store) → Campsite → Fort (Overlooking Ninepin Islands on the East) → Passing through the forest → Nam Tong Peak/Signal Station/Heliport → Tathong Point (optional) → Luk Keng Wan(Overlooking Shek O Peninsular, Cape D'Aguilar and Po Toi Islands on the Southeast) → Observatory (Overlooking Lyemun and Victoria Harbour on the West) → Rock Carving(optional) → Hung Shing Temple → Nam Tong Pier(Old) (you may take our ferry back to Hong Kong here) → Hen Hill → Fat Tong Mun Pier (New)
Take around 4-5 hours

Bring your pets

Site for Aerial photography

TVB Drama Scene locations - A Step into the Past

Fat Tong Mun Pier

Opposite to the Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club


Hen Hill

Fat Tong Mun Lighthouse

just behind Holiday Store

Tung Lung Fort Campsite

Technical Wall

Overlooking Ninepin Islands

Tung Lung Fort

heading to Nam Tong Peak

Tathong Point

Luk Keng Wan/Nga Ying Pai Beacon

Tathong Channel

Po Toi Islands

Waglan > Sung Kong > Po Toi >Beaufort


Tung Lung Ancient Rock Carving

Hung Shing Temple

Nam Tong Pier

Tung Lung Island (Tung Lung Chau), formerly named as Nam Fat Tong, is an outlying island locating at the East of Hong Kong Island and South of Sai Kung Peninsular. It is the 9th largest island in Hong Kong.

It has an area of 2.42 km2 with only about 100 inhabitants. It is an ideal place for hiking, fishing, camping, stargazing, kite flying and rock climbing...
Taking ferry from Sai Wan Ho takes about 40 minutes

Natural Landscape

The island is famous for its beautiful scenery, rocks and waves. The campsite is located near the cliff, overseeing the scenic Fat Tong Mun, which is said to be the escape route of the last emperor of the Southern Song Dynasty in the 13th century. The teenage king jumped into the sea to end his life there.

Cultural Heritage

Tung Lung Fort(1719) on the northeast of the island was constructed in the Qing Dynasty 300 years ago.

On the west is a historic rock carving of dragon measuring 1.8m by 2.4m. It is the largest ancient rock carving in Hong Kong. Both the fort and the stone carving are declared monuments.

Opposite to Tung Lung Chau is Hong Kong's biggest Tin Hau Temple(1266) on the Joss House Bay. A 13th century stone carving is found next to the Temple. The Temple is visited by thousands of fishermen, celebrating the birthday of the Goddess of Sea on 23rd of the third Chinese calendar month.

Taking Leung Kee Kaito to Tung Lung Chau.

Taking Leung Kee Kaito to Tung Lung Chau.